Bioinformatics Group

Institute of Molecular Biology NAS RA

About us

We are a team of bioinformatics enthusiasts based in the Bioinformatics Group of the Institute of Molecular Biology NAS Armenia. We develop algorithms and software to analyze complex biomedical data for systems biology research. We aim at understanding molecular pathomechanisms of complex human diseases and cancers using computational approaches.

Molecular mechanisms of complex diseases

We develop algorithms and software for analysis of high-throughput genome, transcriptome and epigenome data, in order to derive at a systems level idea of molecular mechanisms of complex human diseases and cancers.

Telomere length analysis

Computel is a program that computes telomere length from NGS data. We integrate this information together with multi -omics data to understand the role of telomere length dynamics during cell development.

Multi-omics data integration

Our aim is to construct a knowledge-based framework (such as signaling pathway maps) to integrate the omics data coming from various sources into a global picture of processes occuring in the cell.

Bioinformatics pipeline automation

consulting and pipeline automation services for biomedical data analysis. We have a track of successful collaborations with computer scientists and biologists. Contact us if you think we can help you!

We support students

If you wish to join us for your bachelor's or master's theses, or just wish to practice or do a PhD in our group - just contact us!

We are open for collaboration

We have a track of fruitful collaborations with research groups in Germany, France, USA, and UK. If you find our topics close to your research - we are happy to discuss collaboration opportunities.

Want to get in touch and find out more?

We smile to strangers, we are kind on the phone and we answer emails - just contact us!