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The BIG Journal Club

We are staring our weekly BIG Journal Club sessions! These sessions are public, so that anyone who is willing to participate in hard-core scientific discussions is welcome to attend. Follow our news feed or the Facebook page to be informed about our upcoming sessions.

We published a new chapter in the “Applications from Engineering with MATLAB Concepts” book

Our chapter entitled “Application of MATLAB in -Omics and Systems Biology” is now available online.  



We published a new paper in Frontiers Genetics!

We have published a new paper together with our partners in Germany and the Czech republic.

We have analyzed chronic and cancer lung diseases to identify common and specific pathway perturbations.

Check out our paper: Pubmed  Full text

Arakelyan A, Nersisyan L,  Petrek M, Löffler-Wirth H, Binder H. Cartography of pathway signal perturbations identifies distinct molecular pathomechanisms in malignant and chronic lung diseases. Genet. 2016, prov article. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2016.00079.